We can achieve more together, than separately! YOU'RE INVITED to increase healing and happiness through these ideas and more.  


Special Surprise Invite Event

Invite Denise to speak at your event or workshop. The audience is guaranteed to be both inspired with a FUNtastic message and influenced by perspective pivots offered. RSVP to receive more info.


Book tour Celebration

Denise Taylor has a new book, "You're Invited to the Party of Your Life" coming out soon. Receive updates, special invites, and fun party favors through email with your RSVP below.


"You're INvited" Programs

 "You're Invited to the Party of Your Life" Presentations are tailored and delivered to the school or nonprofit group of your choice for a nominal fee. They can focus on Surprise Party Life of the Present or Future. RSVP for complimentary call to answer all questions.