Denise Taylor


"Denise displays exceptional passion, igniting a desire to celebrate life in all who get to work with her." 

Changing the experience of death, one Celebration of Life at a time

When was the last time you looked forward to planning or attending a funeral? Have you ever attended a visitation and thought, "There's got to be a different way to honor the deceased. When my time on earth is finished, I don't want this experience for my family."?

Denise Taylor's perspective about death is surprisingly different than most. When her 15 year old daughter, Jonnae, had only days left before she  'party hopped' (we told you her perspective was different) Denise let family and friends know there wouldn't be a visitation or funeral to attend. They were invited to attend something uniquely special instead.

Within 60 hours, she and her team planned a Celebration of Life that would shine a light on Heaven's newest, rising star. 

"Those who can take their story and inspire others to be and do more are special. Denise has that unique ability and is a true inspiration. You simply must experience her and her events for yourself!"

The event was personalized to reflect Jonnae's personality and final wishes. And because Jonnae's 'party hop' wasn't a surprise, the event took place before she left this world to experience whatever comes next. 

Denise later decided, she wanted to make certain a similar experience would happen for family when her Surprise Party Hop came. As she created The Parting Gift she wanted for family and friends, she saw the value and need for a special Celebration of Life event planning service. Surprise Invite and it's trademark service, The Parting Gift were born. 

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