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You're Invited to a Party to Die For

for those who want family to experience a FUN party, not a funeral.


The Parting Gift

You're not ordinary. A Celebration of your life shouldn't be! Want to spare your family and friends the exhaustion of planning a visitation/funeral experience down the road? Enlist Surprise Invite to design your epic personalized Parting Gift NOW!

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With her exceptional passion, Denise ignites a desire to celebrate life (regardless of circumstances) in all who get to work with her.
— Pauline K - Surprise Invite Client
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Denise Taylor

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!”
— Dr. Seuss

In 2008, Denise Taylor had a surprising vision for her daughter’s Celebration of Life. Having learned the power of perspective through Jonnae’s leukemia journey, Denise wanted to encourage family and friends to fuel gratitude, not grief, when the teen passed.

Jonnae had recently dreamt she was a star, so Denise hosted a red carpet event, premiering her life tribute video on the big screen of a local theater. It was an incredibly uplifting Celebration of Life!

Several years later, when Denise began thinking about what she’d want family to experience after her passing, she met with several funeral directors. The one who advertised they do personal celebrations dropped their planner on her table and said “You’re an Irish Wake on steroids” She then created Surprise Invite to

  • help one preplan their personalized Celebration of Life

  • assist them in keeping their plan current

  • spare family the creation of the event, so they’ll fully experience the Celebration; not be totally exhausted by planning/hosting it!

Life is one BIG Surprise Party! The party isn’t over with a last breath. The venue has changed. It’s not death. It’s a ‘party hop.’ 
— Denise Taylor - Celebration of Life Party Planner

  • Do you think planning or attending a funeral is fun?

  • Do you cringe when a eulogy is given by someone who didn't know the deceased?

  • Do you think standing by a casket for hours is best for the family?

  • Do you want to spare family and friends a funeral experience?

  • Do you want the call to be “It’s Party Time!” instead of “Mom’s dead.”?

your solution is the Parting Gift™

Enjoy a FUNtastic life review NOW, creating an epic Celebration of YOUR Life for family and friends to experience later. 

Changing the experience around 'death' one celebration at a time.

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I came today with no idea what to expect. It’s been a wonderful WONDERFUL thing!
— Trent H. - Surprise Invite Celebration of Life Guest