A Life Altering Celebration


It all started when…

Denise had a desire to gift Jonnae a special Parting Gift, as well as gift family and friends something other than a visitation and funeral experience.

The chorus from Casting Crown's song THRIVE, "Joy Unspeakable. Faith Unsinkable. Love Unstoppable. Anything is Possible." was at the heart of this mother/daughter relationship. Their passion for life as a surprise party, as well as what they believed awaited Jonnae after her 'party hop' continues to live on in the work Denise does in pursuit of increasing healing and happiness for all she can. 

The Parting Gift™ you create for family and friends will continue to lift their spirits, just as Jonnae's does a decade after it took place. Contact Denise and get your Surprise Party Plan started TODAY!