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It's a Party to Die For

The Parting Gift


 YOU'RE INVITED! Create a personalized party plan now, so when your time of departure comes, there's a plan already in place for the Celebration of  YOUR Life. The Parting Gift™ will increase your loved ones' healing and happiness, when the need it most! None of us know when our 'Surprise Party Hop' will happen,

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Personalized Planning Packages for CELEBRATION of Your Life

Rest in Peace.jpg

The Rest in Peace Package Includes:

  • Celebration Idea Generator
  • Memory Lane Worksheet
  • 6 Personal Party Planning Sessions 
  • Physical Parting Gift Ideas
  • A Preliminary Parting Gift Plan
  • "Welcome Party Guests" Video

The Legendary Package Includes:

  • Rest in Peace Package PLUS 
  • Life Bio Video
  • Party Prep Plan
  • Your Personal Party Resource List
  • A Precise Parting Gift Plan
  • Annual Update Accountability
Out of this World.jpg

Out of this world Package Includes:

  • Legendary Package PLUS
  • Surprise Invite Team Executes 'The Parting Gift' Plan At Time of Need
  • Personally Chosen Parting Gifts for Party Guests
  • Palpable Presence