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You're Invited to a Party to Die For

The Parting Gift


 YOU'RE INVITED! Create a personalized party plan NOW!

None of us know when our departure (aka 'Surprise Party Hop') is going to happen. The Parting Gift™ will increase your loved ones' healing and happiness, when they need it most!

Planning Packages for CELEBRATION of Your Life


The Rest in Peace Package Includes:

  • Personalized Celebration Ideas

  • Life Bio Timeline

  • 6 Personal Party Planning Sessions

  • Physical Parting Gift Ideas

  • A Preliminary Parting Gift Plan

  • "Welcome Party Guests" Video


The Legendary Package Includes:

  • Rest in Peace Package PLUS

  • Life Bio Video

  • Party Prep Plan

  • Personalized Party Resource List

  • Precise Parting Gift Plan

  • Annual Update Accountability


Out of this world Package Includes:

  • Legendary Package PLUS

  • Surprise Invite Hosts Your Parting Gift at Time of Need

  • Parting Gifts for Party Guests

  • Palpable Presence