Seeing Things Differently

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~ Andy Warhol

Have you ever experienced an event differently than every other person who was there? You hear others describing what happened but it's nothing like the story you’d tell. Maybe it’s a concert everyone thought was outrageously entertaining and you never really caught the vibe. Or there was a challenging work occurrence you breezed through, grateful for a break from the daily grind, but everyone else only complained about the stress of it. With a bit of reflection, I’m certain we each have examples where our version of the experience varies from the majority.

Each of us, as we traverse life’s journey, has a unique lens from which to see the landscape. Where some are mesmerized by the beauty of sunsets, others might be captured by the couples walking the beach or entertained by the joy of children splashing in the tide. At a ball game, some see a team victoriously celebrating a championship, while others see dreams that were just dashed in defeat. There are so very many examples. Each making the possibilities of life's stories endless!

Each in my family would describe another member of it differently. The same holds true for experiences that have collectively made up our lives. What was memorable for one, might have been easily forgettable for another. Each of our versions, as well as the value of them, are different. There’s never only one way of experience; one version of a story. School, work, recreation, professions, birthing babies, marriage, life or death…vast details make each a unique affair. The different points selected are the making of multiple reports.

Some say my daughter lost her battle with cancer. I report she crossed the finish line victorious. Some express sorrow for my loss. I focus on what I gained by being her mother. Some see life's painful trials as tribulation. I've learned to receive them as unasked for gifts wrapped in disappointment or pain. Seeking something positive within an upsetting surprise allows one to move towards gratitude; not grief stricken by how the Present came wrapped.

Living life as a Surprise Party, seeing death as a party hop warranting celebration more than sorrow, isn’t a story told by many – YET! The Parting Gift™ is in early stages of creating a paradigm shift around the experience of death. I was gifted proof something is awaiting us after our last breath. For those who believe there are surprises awaiting us in the afterlife, I'm here to help you increase voice to that story. It won’t be a choice made by all. It will be a Surprise Invite extended more and more. 

If you're intrigued by that vision...if you see the difference preplanning an epic, uplifting Celebration of Life could make for families and friends...or you know someone who'd be not only up for, but excited about planning The Parting Gift™ for loved ones to experience in the future - let's hook up. RSVP here for party freebies and a call. No pushy selling! Simply a Creativity Call that sparks ideas for living life as a Surprise Party in the present, while thinking about what one could be in the future! Don't want to hop on a call. Subscribe and get updates for upcoming blogs and new offers.

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